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Preparing a written topic outline in advance helps you stay on track and present sections of content in a logical opening introduction, deeper explanation sections, then a final summary style.

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Be Clear-Headed And Clear Voiced Maintain a critical awareness at all times on delivering clean and clear diction - enunciating each word distinctly and clearly. Good enunciation does wonders for accuracy and is a skill you can quickly master with practice. On a second level, its about being able to organize your thoughts - on the fly - in a continuous flow.

Proofread and Edit Even if you achieve 99 percent voice recognition accuracy, your Mac speech to text sessions aren't going to be flawless.

Review: MacSpeech Dictate Is a Great Tool For Writers

The bulk of the work is done, it just needs refinement. Use Mac Word Processor Tools Once you've proofread your dictation output and corrected any glaring mistakes, you're still not finished. Proof the article again, this time focusing on your grammar, sentence structure and general readability.

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You can use a full word processing app like Microsoft Office for Mac or Apple Pages which have more sophisticated grammar and spelling dictionaries, word count, or other Gunning, Fleisch, or Fog readability assesments to help you finalize your dictated document for optimal readability. Dragon for law enforcement Dragon for legal Dragon for financial services Dragon for education Dragon for social services.

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Dragon for small business Dragon Medical Dragon accessibility solutions Dragon transcription solutions. Dragon support. For enterprise sales:. For online sales:. Resource library Contact us. Contact us.

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DeepMind's AI bot proves better than Verity Stob That's not long division, Timmy! Here ya go Try shifting a tonne fatberg. A very important niche Pitched as a productivity tool, Nuance's Dragon software is aimed at everyone from journalists and home users to medical professionals as a way to accurately transcribe spoken words into printed text.

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Other options don't really stack up It would be one thing if the other options for Mac users could match Nuance's now-discontinued offering. Look ma, no hands!

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