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For example, VirtualBox doesn't provide printer integration and the ability to open Windows files with Mac apps and vice versa. The speed difference isn't nearly as obvious when running Windows apps after the OS starts up, however. Parallels feels slightly faster than its rivals, but not drastically so. There's nothing that Parallels can do about this limitation, which is the result of the Mac's limited support for OpenGL Open Graphics Library features.

By default when Parallels runs a Windows system, any files on your Mac desktop will also appear on your Windows desktop.

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This may sound convenient, but it's a feature that I always to turn off in Parallels' settings dialog. One reason I turn it off is that it leaves the Windows desktop cluttered. Another is that much of what I keep on my Mac desktop—like folders and apps—simply won't work when I click on them in Parallels' Windows desktop.

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Parallels tends to go overboard with integration features, turning them on by default whether you want them or not. Another way Parallels goes overboard with its integration is its tendency to clutter up its dialogs and your Mac system with icons and folders that you probably don't want. For example, by default, it adds a folder full of Windows application to your Mac's dock, and a Parallels menu to Mac's menu bar—though you can turn these off by poking around the options and preferences windows.

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Some of Parallels' menus include links to a set of Mac-related utilities called the Parallels Toolbox; some of these utilities, like a quick disk-cleaning menu, are convenient, but you probably don't want all of them, and they have nothing to do with virtualization. Another link on Parallels' menus invites you to buy Acronis True Image backup software, which you probably don't need if you use your Mac's built-in backup features.

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For IT managers, developers, and for many tech-savvy users, VMware is the best choice. For most home, school, and SOHO users who don't need VMware's unique cross-platform support and legacy features, Parallels Desktop is the fastest, most hassle-free way to run Windows apps on a Mac.

VMware Fusion for Mac. Edward Mendelson has been a contributing editor at PC Magazine since , and writes extensively on Windows and Mac software, especially about office, internet, and utility applications.

The best app for running Windows on a Mac

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Parallels Desktop for Mac

The virtual machine's volumes will be accessible from Mac OS X desktop where they will appear as connected volumes. Please send us your feedback on this help page. Toggle navigation Home Home. Try Now. By Andrew Golokha.

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