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Just add another baseline to your corridor. Go back to your boundaries tab and voila, you can add the extents boundary. This post is assuming you already understand the basics of Part Builder and know how to model a structure. Step One Note: What this does is allow the ability for us to create a custom variable and then later adjust that variable in the xml files that will allow the custom variable to be visible in the Part List. Step Two, create the initial variable. In the Model Parameters click New and you will get the following dialog box.

In this example I am creating a parameter that I will use for an inline reducer structure I created. So I need another parameter for the reducing diameter coming out of the structure so that I will be able to create multiple part sizes in Parts List from a single structure.

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Make sure you keep in mind or write down the exact name and description of the new parameter just created, because we will need to add that exactly as it is here in one of the xml files. For now just use a constant value for the Equation because we will modify this in the Size Parameters. Step three, modify the size parameters.

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Right click on Size Parameters, as show below, and select Edit Configuration. In the Parameter Configuration dialog box, shown below, find your new variable. We will want to modify this variable here as much as we can to be what we want so there will be less to do in the xml files In my variable RID, the Reducing Inner Diameter, I have changed the Data Storage type from a constant to a List, that way I can go into the values for this variable and add all the sizes that I will use to create this part in Parts List.

Now look at the Context and Index Attributes for this variable, shown above in the box, these are the pieces of information that we will need to modify in the xml files that will allow the variable to pass to the Parts List. This is because the context for this variable does not exist in the xml file, so we are going to have to add it. Also you will notice the Index of this variable is set to 1, were the others that pass to the Parts List are 0, we will have to modify this as well in the xml file. Step four, edit the xml files. Make sure you save your structure and exit Part Builder, and close Civil 3D before we edit the xml files.

Once everything is saved and closed there are two xml files we need to edit. Open the structure xml file with notepad. Find your new variable as shown highlighted above.

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Then find the context and index for this variable also shown highlighted above. Remember to keep the parenthesis on these attributes. Save and close the xml file. In this xml file the new variable does not exist, so we have to create it in two places. In this case the easiest thing to do is find a variable that is similar to the one you created; the RID variable is similar to the SID variable. Do a search for SID copy the line and paste into a new line as shown highlighted above. Edit the variable name, description and context to match what is in the structure xml file.

Now we need to add the context to the Structure Domain.

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  • It is very important in this step to make sure we add the context of the new variable in the appropriate Domain type. The final step is to verify that everything works.

    You will see by the highlighted information that our custom variable is now available in Parts List. Modifying Cover and Slope Rule H ave you ever started laying out a pipe network using the cover and slope pipe rule or Pipe Cover and found the pipes down near the zero elevation?

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