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Can anyone help me. There are a slew of tables involved too.

Add or delete a page in Word for Mac - Word for Mac

Let me know if you still need the help. I could use help with this! I have a table at the end of my document, and am not able to delete the blank page after it. I suggested she click on the paragraph symbol under the home tab to show formatting objects in the document. As it was a single paragraph symbol, she tried changing her margins bottom on the last page which is under the. But in my case, it not working. I use Word Please help me. If I understand correctly, you are at the end of a page. When you type, it should move to the next page. However, when you type, it does not. I just disappears as it goes to the next line.

If this is the case, I would look and see if you are using a table or cells. If so, you need to move your cursor outside of the table or cells.

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Some table and cells have defined limits and will not move to the next page or allow typing beyond a cell or table limit. This is great tip, thank you so much! Go to the Ribbon, click the Page Layout tab. I have tried all the ideas submitted. Any suggestions. Now to recover from the concussion I sustained while banging my head against my desk.

Thank you!!! I have been cast forth from Formatting Hell! Thank you, Ben Holt, for posting a working solution. Could someone tell me? Click on the arrow, to the bottom right of the Page Setup section. Just found it myself. Go to the document with the break pages. At the bottom-right corner of the window next to the size slider, there should be 5 icons.

Kind regards, GeGe — GG. Thank you so much this is the ONLY tip that has worked for me. It has been the never ending nightmare of my docs. When you have multiple continuous breaks in a long doc and then near the end it should be another continuous one and it is next page!!! Saved me from wanting to throw my computer across the room! Pulling my hair out is an understatement. I work with the HHT Foundation.

HHT is a blood vessel deformation that occurs in 1 in people. Their work is important to me.

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You can leave a response or trackback from your own site. Comments Reply Quote. Thank You!!!!! Saved me a whole lot of time!! Again thanks a million!!! This answer has made my day!!! Thank you.

How To Delete A Blank Page In Microsoft Word

This worked great. I simply don't abide Microsoft anymore. Doesn't putting the cursor as far to the end as you want and pressing the forward Delete key a couple times do the same thing? Slightly better: see if it's a hidden character. Even better: use LaTeX instead.

Pages for Mac: Add, delete, or rearrange pages in a Pages document

I've also found that the pagination options for the last paragraph can affect this behavior. This doesn't work at all, at least in Word Interestingly enough, QuickLook shows only one page while Word itself shows two the second being blank. Does anyone know if this works in Pages? I gave up on word a while ago because it is too slow on a mac. Far easier to use, and no annoying idiosyncrasies such as a difficult to remove blank last page!

It even has GREP searching! And Nisus does things the way you want, instead of making up its own mind and ignoring you! Now I only use MS Word very occasionally and even that is too often! Check it out, you'll be glad you did. Hello, I did what was recommended at the beginning of this thread but it deleted my headers on the other pages I guess this a different question but headers and footers drive me insane.

If the document has already been created and I added a Break Page, can I unlink the pages after the fact and not create havoc? Thank you very much! Lost your password? Powered by the Parse.

Sometimes Word documents contain a last blank page that seems impossible to delete. That should delete the last blank page.