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Drink in the red cup, pre roll ten blunts, when I go to sleep I don't think Imma get up. Stay in bed till the afternoon, cause you know What us rappers do, get high, get drunk, Then find some butt, girl, I wanna chase after you. Let's live it up, live it up, party like we ain't got shit to do. I don't give a fuck, give a fuck, nothing but cuttin up with the crew. My parents out of town so we gonna put it down.

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We taking shots, who can go another round? Don't control yourself, This your life you own it, said you own it. All that matters is this moment so who's Coming, don't control yourself. So live it up, all that matters is this moment, So who's coming, don't control yourself. Hey, I wake and shit, the first thing Imma do is take a hit.

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Tonights gonna be great, let's get a little drink, I'm trying to get wasted bitch. Its gonna be something to remember, too bad we won't, won't, And it's gonna get hot in here so, don't bring your coat, coat. Take your clothes off, we gonna get crazy. She's sort a fine, just borderline, But tonight she's gonna be my lady! All that matters is this moment so who's coming, Don't control yourself.

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Mac Miller – Jet Fuel (Testo)

Fronts done! Link in the bio Take it or leave it?

The one day I didn't tell him to keep his hands to himself fml. Just smile and stare at your shoes. Absolutely gutted.

Mac Miller & Pharrell-Onaroll (Lyrics)

I was stopped at lights. I'm sore in the neck and back. Mood- - - - - - cancer memes jews dank lit shitposts depression suicide autism aids jokes offensive edgy gay die killyourself killmetoo iwtd lifesucks fml same relatable fortnitememes epic gamers. Relatable af love datingmemes singlelifeproblems datingquotes relatable fml single singlegirl singleguy singleaf datinginyour30s mylife datingsucks onlinedating lovesucks aloneforever catlady lifeinyour30s life date couples.

Plz follow my edit account churchofdmitri or I will eat your organs, yup all of them. Atlanta international people , at its best Does anyone even follow twitter any more?


Or is it just a celebrity type thing We have to chip a concrete block off the edge of the building so the window guys could do their job. Thank you. Don't you just hate that???

Onaroll Lyrics Mac Miller Song

Srsly the zoo was a foreshadow of my weekly mood fml. Lemme tell you this lil story Though real quick, about this ho Excuse me ma, about this chick This how it went down tho: [Verse …. When we reminisce, when we reminisce, when we reminisce Let the smoke signals guide you back home like Indians And lend the spliff and bullshit with my kinsmen The Yuengling coolin me down from the heat on the streets Take me back to those times of peace Let me see …. It generates love and it generates hate What kind of topics should I stress?

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