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Videostream supports over audio and video codecs so with almost complete certainty, yes. Nothing, zip, zilch, nada, Videostream is completely free! If you're enjoying Videostream and want some extra features like playlists, extra subtitle settings, night mode, autoplay, and more, then Videostream Premium is for you! You bet! Since you are streaming video from your computer directly to your Chromecast or AndroidTV, Videostream doesn't use any of your internet bandwidth!

MacOS Mojave Update Released for Mac

That means no extra usage on your bill, no slowed down traffic on other devices. It's super simple! Open Google Chrome and then install Videostream. If you have an iPhone or Android phone you can check out our remote controls on those apps stores too! Is maple syrup sweet?! Playlists let you binge watch movies, tv shows, and even listen to music on your Chromecast. You can even shuffle or repeat your playlist!

Grab your playlists in Videostream Premium, download and upgrade in the Desktop or Android App today! Our awesome support bro Andrew will be sure to email you back with answers to your questions, solutions to your problems, and a random selection of cat pictures and gifs! Downloaded videos on your Chromecast.

Get Streaming. Goor Productions PG. Get the Desktop App Install Videostream in seconds right from our downloads page. Choose a Video No setup.

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Just start watching. Start watching downloads on your Chromecast! Get Videostream. Which is great! Let me start by saying that I recently bought the lifetime premium membership and I absolutely love Videostream. We have replaced version 2. If you have been installed version 2.

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Twitter accounts can now be registered as well as Facebook accounts. Privacy Settings are no longer possible when posting to Posted images will be available to everyone. Bug fix.

Improved a function to correct rotational shake when a video is converted. The displayed image can now be captured and saved. Implemented minor improvements.

If the download is cancelled during firmware update, the update can now be downloaded from the point when it was cancelled upon restart. It is now possible to install the plug-in selected in the plug-in store. See here for details. It is now possible to select a plug-in to activate.

A progress bar is now displayed when upgrading firmware.