Twentieth anniversary mac for sale

When the first iMac was introduced in , it started a new era of computing for those who didn't need all the power and expense of a tower or expandable desktop.

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But while the Bondi blue all-in-one got a lot of attention, it wasn't Apple's first dalliance with unconventional design. Before the iMac was the Twentieth Anniversary Macintosh, first introduced in and discontinued 15 years ago this week, on March 14, —five months before the iMac came out.

Twentieth Anniversary Macintosh: Technical Specifications

It also came with a built-in TV and FM tuner so the user could easily flip between computer mode and television, along with a massive Bose subwoofer. Apple introduced the machine as a way to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Apple's first computer, which occurred in April of At the time, most of Apple's offerings were boring beige boxes, so the TAM's design was especially unique due to its nearly flat, all-in-one nature and its metallic green-gold paint job.

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How I Came to Own and Sell a TAM Probably Owned by Jony Ive

To remember it in all its 90's glory, we're resurfacing this article commemorating the 15 th anniversary of the TAM's retirement. Now we're all five years older, so a little refresher is warranted! The post originally ran on March 15, First introduced in , the Twentieth Anniversary Mac was an all-in-one Mac before the first rounded iMac was ever introduced. Wikimedia Commons.

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20th Anniversary Mac

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How I Came to Own and Sell a TAM Probably Owned by Jony Ive

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