Access windows share from mac mavericks

Just two Macs Now sure I understand exactly why or how, but it now works much, much better, thanks!!

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Yep this was still present in This does not work for me in I have no problem connecting to SMB shares from Leopard though. Its now six months on, and SMB sharing in Mavericks is still badly broken. I have two other macs, one running Lion and one running Leopard that connect just fine. Any thoughts?

This gives me a perfectly working share through Finder, and it has the benefit that I can access the mount easily from the command line. I tried the cifs: method.

Driving me nuts. This share works on my windows machine. Also: how about repairing mac smb so that networked mfp copiers can once again scan to shared smb folders on macs? Broken since Lion when Mac went to smb2. That has been broken since Mountain Lion and is still broken in Mavericks. This is incredibly frustrating for offices with network drives that must be searched on a regular basis. Nice post! I have a problem with VPN. Name required.


Ubuntu File Server for OS X Mavericks.

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Poor performance for AFP/CIFS Share on Mac OS 10.9 Mavericks

February 10, at am. Tolga says:. Probably saved me hours and a lot of banging my head against the wall. Thanks for posting your fix as well — I hope others will benefit from it aswel! I have been searching for days for instructions like yours and had no luck until now! So a big thank you :. I am trying to get access to some international channels for my grandparents, however, the specific channels instruct me to download a zip file.

Also have a google nexus player in the house if the shield will give me too much hassle.

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Once I follow your instructions on sharing a folder with the Kodi zip file I need, how on earth do I access this zip file from Kodi? Go to settings, file manager.. Could someone please help with explaining how to do this. Would love to get these international channels going for my grandparents but am stuck up to this point.

The file is on your Mac, so how do you get that file on either of these 2 players. First option would be using your network. It seems that these files are showing up empty.

However, they are not. Am I missing something here? What could be the issue? I have figured out what was going wrong! I was downloading the zip files from Safari, which automatically opened the zip, which left me with the folder. This is why Kodi was not allowing me to open the file, because it was a folder and not a zip file!

So I tried downloading from the Chrome browser, and it downloaded as a zip file. When accessed through Kodi, this worked! Thank you so much for your help thus far, now we can enjoy our international channels! Thanks again Hanz! By any chance: did you unzip the file? Which would be a no-no. Thanks for confirming! Thank you for creating this magic software.

Last month, I finally updated to El Capitan after staying with Only thing I am missing to start this service automatically when I restart my iMac, I have to click multiple buttons, password even though the software starts itself yes, I put in login items. The automatic start without having to click anything would indeed be nice to have indeed! One thing I notice is the share folder keep disappearing from smbUP. If I leave the program running it would dissappear after some time. If I quit the program and reopen it, the share is gone. The description for Kyocera seems at a glance to be the best of those, where they describe SMBUp specifics.

Hope it helps! Actually, I figured what I was doing wrong. This is such a great app. Have just installed SMBUp and all works well so thanks very much for your installation tips.

Have one annoying issue though which I wondered if you might know about. Any idea what it might be? X and Why not just stick with AFP then? I installed the full SMBUp package on two different machines one I did find AFP to be slower when using it in the past.

Now, if I need to increase storage, I can easily do so by popping in a couple more 8TB drives. It seemed more of a lack of understanding on my end though. I had processes running in the background, doing numerous tasks. However … they used different users and rights when writing files, therefor causing permission issues. Just used your straight forward instructions to get my wdtv to share files from my mac, simple and worked first time, a rare event for me, fantastic, thank you very much, so happy right now.

OSX Lion: Home Share Access Problem... NOT SMB/CIFS ISSUE.

Awesome Wayne! I installed smbup and it was working until this morning when it kept giving me a jsone error and crashing.

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I cannot open the program to attempt to remove or uninstall it. Hope this helps …. Anyone out there willing to chime in who actually tested this? Super thank you. Right mouse button does not work, but the Delete button on the keyboard has worked! Glad to hear that worked!

But after I restart the software :. The application must shut down.

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Exception Error Number: 1. I tried to delete SmbUp,delete all related files on my mac and download again, but same error at startup. As of this writing 1.