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4 Ways to Recover an Unsaved/Deleted Word Document – Acronis Revive

You should recover previous version of Word document when you need a Word document that was saved over. The recovery steps are:. The situation seems to get worse if you have made many changes to a document, then you close it without saving any changes. How can you recover the unsaved document under such circumstances?

Well, you can rely on the Recover Unsaved Documents feature or open the AutoRecover file location to check.

You can also open the AutoRecover file location and check whether your need documents are contained here. The AutoRecover files are saved as asd files and they are read-only. When you finally find your needed document in that location, please double click to open the asd file in Microsoft Office Word. Also, two choices are available: Compare and Restore.

Recovering Unsaved Word Documents

If it is the one you need, please select Restore to recover the unsaved Word document. Actually, the AutoRecover feature will be enabled by default. You can uncheck these two options as you need. In fact, the time interval is set to 10 minutes by default and you can change it to an integer ranging from 1 to Definitely, you should do the following things to recover unsaved Word document after the crash:.

All in all, if you find your Word document with very important information stored in is missing, you should react immediately by following the suggestions gave in the previous content to recover Unsaved Word document all by yourself. The steps to recover unsaved excel file and the process to recover unsaved PowerPoint are basically the same. If you would like to recover a pdf file, please click here. Word document missing seems to be inevitable and non-ignorable.

Step 3: Open folder named "TemporaryItems". Look for the desired unsaved Word document and open it with MS Word. Step 5: You have successfully recovered the Word document which was unsaved and accidently lost. Step 1: These files are saved in another folder whose url is following. Step 2: There you can see the files which are autosaved and are backup of your Word documents. If you have turned on "AutoSave" option, then it is a real-life saver because it periodically saves the Word document.

How to recover unsaved or deleted Word documents

So, when your Word application crashes or Windows restart without any notice while you are working you may panic because all of your work is lost. But with this option turned on, your work will remain saved. Step 1: When you will open the Word document afterward you will see the file in left pane in Document Recovery. If you recover unsaved word document which is password protected and you do not know the password. What will you do?

How to recover unsaved/deleted/lost Word documents?

Certainly, you cannot access the file and your important data is just locked due to password. You can use PassFab for Word , which is a password remover application and saves you from a lot of trouble. PassFab for Word is a professional tool which give you freedom to recover or remove password from Word document. You can easily crack the password with this.

You do not have to be computer geek to know how to use the software. You can recover password with 3 simple steps. Following is the full guide of how to use this Word password recovery. Step 2: Import the Word file which is password protected. Click "Add" and then select the password protected file.

Step 3: Select recovery method. Step 4: Now click on "Start" and wait till the program finds your password. You can use the password to decrypt the file easily. The AutoRecover feature in Word performs an emergency backup of open documents when an error occurs. Some errors can interfere with the AutoRecover functionality. The AutoRecover feature is not a substitute for saving your files. We do not provide any utilities to recover deleted documents. However, some third-party utilities to recover deleted documents might be available on the Internet.

The third-party products that are discussed in this article are manufactured by companies that are independent of Microsoft. Microsoft makes no warranty, implied or otherwise, regarding the performance or reliability of these products. Skip to main content. Exit focus mode. Theme Light. High contrast. Profile Bookmarks Collections Sign out. Method 1: Search for the original document To do this, follow these steps, as appropriate for the version of Windows that you're running.

If the File list contains the document, double-click the document to open it in Word. If the File list does not contain the file, go to Method 2. Method 2: Search for Word backup files Word backup file names end with the. Scroll down to the Save section and select Always create backup copy.

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Word : Select File, then Options. In the Save tab, select Always create backup copy.

Note If you find an AutoRecover file in the Recovery pane that does not open correctly, go to "Method 6: How to troubleshoot damaged documents" for more information about how to open damaged files.