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Traditional keyboards for desktop computers have a keypad on the right side in addition to the horizontal row of number keys above the letter keys. Num Lock is usually located in the upper-left corner of the keypad. Because laptop keyboards are typically more compact, Num Lock and the numeric keypad often share keys with other characters or functions. If a key has two functions, the alternate function might be labeled in a different color. Hold down the Fn function key and press Num Lock to activate it. On some keyboards, there's a designated key just for number lock, but you still must hold down Fn as you press it.

If Num Lock is labeled the same color as the Fn key, then this is probably the case. On Apple keyboards with a numeric keypad, the Clear key is typically located where the Num Lock key would be on a PC keyboard.

Although they don't technically support number lock, most Macs have a built-in accessibility feature called Mouse Keys that lets users control the cursor with the number pad. Once enabled, number lock will remain active until you disable it.

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Num lock works like the caps lock feature in that it can be toggled on and off by pressing the appropriate key. No matter which keyboard you're using, turn off num lock the same way you turned it on. Now i know much more about omzsh and a little more about git. I have a similar issue, also tracked down to the same commit with git-bisect. In my case, I have this in my. Those bindkey commands no longer work; typing part of a command then hitting the up arrow no longer brings up the last command I typed that started with the same prefix.

This issue is different. To ricard33 , you have nearly the same infocmp output as I do, no idea. Maybe the commit overwrites necessary behaviour of zle-line-init and zle-line-end , try reverting it: git revert ff0cafa.

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Those are issues with the history-substring-search plugin, which I don't use. As noted in my comment, the issue I'm having was initiated by ff0cafa. I'm getting this issue as well in iTerm2, due to the same commit. I'm on OSX with the Mac extended keyboard. My guess is that iTerm2 uses a different zle-line-init and zle-line-end functions, and that the commit overriding them makes iTerm2 fail somehow. If that doesn't cut it we'll have to talk with people over at iTerm2. Here's my infocmp output in case it's of use.

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After doing a git revert ff0cafa and fixing conflicts , numeric PAD works well in iTerm2. Same here. Reverting ff0cafa removes said functions. Even if the offending commit is the same, if you don't experience any trouble with the numerical pad you should really open a new issue. Also, have you tried my suggestion in comment? And sorry, the correct function is zle-line-finish instead of zle-line-end.

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I don't know much about terminfo and key bindings. The commit ff0cafa adds a feature best described here. I understand why that is done, but no idea why it doesn't work. Finally, it seems prezto had the same issue. Yeah don't even bother trying what I said. It seems terminfo is a PITA everywhere [1][2]. Report your zsh versions zsh --version and let's wait until some consensus is made. Just did a git bisect. Commit ff0cafa was the culprit. Reverted it in my fork. I have this same problem using Putty on Windows, been driving me insane for months.

I've gone through all putty settings to try find a fix and no luck, there must be something I can put in the. Any idea's? Yes rm-bergmann , that could be a sensible default thanks sorry for the delay. See man terminfo for more information. Not sure that's a good solution. Thanks tomduncalf!!!!!!! Even better, philfreo.

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Honestly, having to set special settings in ones terminal can hardly be considered a fix. For me everything stays as broken as from the beginning, using urxvt.

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My guess is that an unchecked setting is what people have always run, but the upgrade to Yosemite changed the default setting of this. This post fix the problem! The solution from philfreo worked for me, thanks. Please turn JavaScript back on and reload this page. Please enter a title.

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Step 2: Setting up TouchPad/NumPad

Show 4 replies. Thanks again! Never noticed the "clear" key before!