Change administrator account on mac

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We also have advice if you have forgotten your Apple ID password. This method requires you to have FileVault enabled.

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FileVault is not on by default and must be manually enabled. Retrieve the recovery key you copied down when you turned on FileVault disk encryption.

[SOLVED] Changing the administrator password for secondary admin on a MacBook Pro? - Spiceworks

If you cannot find your recovery key but stored it with Apple, contact Apple Support. In the password field, click the Help button? All else failing, you can boot your computer into single-user mode to reset your admin password. Keep in mind this requires some command-line trickery and will probably require you to write down or take a picture of the following. Read our advice for choosing a good password here.

Admin Account - How To Delete admin account On Macbook & iMac - Administration account

From the list of users on the left, Control-click the user you're renaming, then choose Advanced Options. It should have no spaces.

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Change that account name to match the new name of the home folder. It can be any name, and you can use either the full name or the account name to log in to your Mac or make changes that require your name and password.

Click OK, then restart your Mac. Log in to the renamed account, then verify that your old files and folders are visible and the account is working as expected.

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