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A few of the tips have been covered by OS X Daily before, but there will likely be some that are new to you. One of the most useful tips in the LifeHacker list is about using the Applications folder in the Dock, making it into start menu-like application launcher:.

101 Ways to Tweak OS X Using Terminal

Click and hold the folder to reveal a vertically-expanding programs list, much like Windows Programs menu. Any folder or hard drive can go there, too — like Documents, the hard drive or a thumb drive. This was determined to be so useful that Apple started shipping the OS X Dock with that exact feature pre-configured, how cool is that?

Enjoy this tip? Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox! Earlier this week, Apple gave macOS Apps in macOS have to ask for permissions just like they might do on your iPhone or your iPad, but in Mojave this is being extended to the camera and the microphone parts of the system, too. The app also gets a new icon for the arrival of macOS Mojave.

Apple is treating the Finder to some of the biggest upgrades in the Mojave update, including the new gallery view and quick actions that Apple showed off on stage during WWDC. One of the less obvious new tweaks to Finder involves the metadata shown by each file.

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If this is too much information for you, click on Show Less. Onstage at WWDC, Apple showed off some of the cool stuff you can do in Quick Look in Finder, including trimming video down without having to open up a separate app. Well, this simple Quick Look trimming tool extends to audio files, too. You need to have a file in the right format, one that Apple is happy with—think M4A not MP3—but that caveat aside, you can hit Space with an audio file selected in Finder, then click on the Trim button to bring up an editable audio waveform in the same window.

Get the most out of your Mac with these OS X tips, which include time-saving features and performance-enhancing settings.

How to use macOS Sierra: Tips and tricks

For decades, Macs have been designed with the end user in mind. From hardware to software, Apple goes to great lengths to simplify the complicated, allowing users to focus on getting work done instead of having to resolve a number of issues before getting to the crux of the task.

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Apple adds a heaping helping of its simplicity sauce to each device they manufacture—no technology is more widely used and allows for broad customization as macOS does. This collection of tips should help give Mac business users an edge in getting the most out of their workdays. Click your account name Login Items, and then drag your mounted server share to the list and log off Figure A.

Once you log in again, the network drive will automatically connect to the server and mount the share.

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If you store shortcuts to apps on the dock, you can insert blank placeholders that act as dividers to divide apps by category, use, or any organizational scheme that works best for the way you work Figure B. To add a placeholder, enter the command below into Terminal:. Similar to how Windows displays folders in order before files, macOS Sierra now has this feature available though it is turned off by default. By default, OS X sets the screen saver timeout to 20 mins. While the timeout can be increased or decreased, if you wish to enable it instantly, go to System Preferences Mission Control, and then click the Hot Corners button.

Select a hot corner by clicking the drop-down menu that corresponds to the corner you wish to activate and select Start Screen Saver, and then click the OK button to save the setting Figure C.

vipauto93.ru/profiles/tasto/ricerca-rete-cellulare-iphone-6-plus.php Now when the hot corner for the screen saver is triggered, the Mac will instantly display the screen saver, simultaneously locking the device. When the device is awoken, it will prompt for the user's password before the Mac will unlock.

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The new Touch Bar-enabled MacBook Pros let users completely modify the control strip so it's customized per app or system-wide. One of the most useful features is to add a Screen Lock button that allows you to lock your Mac instantly just by tapping the button. An overlay screen will appear where you can drag the Screen Lock button to the placeholder on the Touch Bar where it will reside.

For users with a newer Mac or newer and an Apple Watch, both devices may be paired to allow the computer to be unlocked by the Apple Watch.

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Before enabling the setting, a few requirements need to be in place. Also, 2-step authentication not to be confused with 2-step verification must be configured on the iCloud account.

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By default, OS X hides the Library folder, as it is a system folder that stores important application data that should not be tampered with. However, there are times when access is required in order to enable functionality, modify settings, or backup important files or folders. A simple method to reveal this folder is to click the Go menu item from the Finder while holding down the Option key Figure E. When filling out forms, tapping the Tab key allows you to cycle through text boxes and lists only by default.